The “Gen Z LL Cool J” Drops Video For “Party N’ Da Hills”

MARJA’KIM calls himself the “Gen Z LL Cool J”, which should tell you two things: he knows some rap history and he makes great tunes.

The music video for the young MC’s most recent single “Party N’ Da Hills” aptly takes place at a house in the hills with a banger well underway. In the video, he can be seen rejoicing with friends and beautiful women by the poolside, enjoying the beautiful day and celebratory occasion surrounded by good people. The edits are clean, and the vibe of the song is captured to a T.

“Party N’ Da Hills” itself is a catchy and upbeat tune, one that will sound just as good at the beach as it would at a houseparty. It has racked up over 13,000 plays in its first week on Spotify alone, emulating the success of his debut single “Lit”, which has well over 70,000 streams in its first month.

MARJA’KIM is surely an MC to look out for, and there’s no telling how far he will go. One thing is for sure though: he is going to have as much fun as he can while he ascends to the top.



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Yuni Morales

Music Journalist/Publicist based in Miami, Florida — follow me on Twitter: @yuniverse888 let’s connect!