Rico Paid Delivers Electrifying Single, “Everlast,” Featuring Spooky Marvin

Rico Paid pictured above.

Bay Area, born an raised recording artist Rico Paid delivers an electrifying single with his latest “Everlast” featuring his good friend, Spooky Marvin. “Everlast” was written by both artists and produced by Spooky and co-produced by Rico, himself. The track explores the realms of an unrequited love, that frustrating feeling we’ve all been through at least once in our lives when a person we truly care for and want to be with simply does not feel the way.

Rico is part of the Bay Area collective NEW WURLD, and has been attentively working on a variety of new sounds for his growing audience to enjoy. “Everlast” reminds me of the golden era of pop-rock music back in the 2000’s and it’s about a topic everyone can relate to. The beat is high energy and you can sense the frustration being channeled through the guitars!

I absolutely love Rico and Spooky’s collaboration on this track! Their synergy is felt and appreciated. Thank you both for this nostalgic track. Stream “Everlast” below via Spotify or on any of your favorite digital streaming platforms!

Connect with Rico Paid on Instagram for more of his latest updates: @ricopaidd



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