Rae Radick Releases The Ultimate Women’s Anthem, “Keep ’Em Guessing”

Singer-songwriter Rae Radick is electric on her single “Keep ’Em Guessing.” The track is on Rae’s latest self-titled album and was produced by Ghidrah Music. “Keep ’Em Guessing” was inspired by Rae’s perspective, the way women are underestimated, even in this day and age. Rae was a bartender in Manhattan and it was an experience that molded her perspective, at the time she was reminded on a constant basis that men associate a pretty girl with being dumb or ditsy.

“Since I wrote it when I was a bartender, part of the job is to be a good listener and observer. That line is covered in sarcasm and cynicism. Many times a man would try to hit on me by talking about his salary or private jet, not realizing that I didn’t care about any of those things..” expressed Rae about the inspiration behind writing “Keep ’Em Guessing.”

“Keep ’Em Guessing” is an ode to how women can be the whole package: can be smart, pretty, cool, nerdy, elegant, sporty, etc. The song has been streamed more than 19k times on digital streaming giant Spotify. Rae has been writing her own songs since the tender age of 16, having released her first EP while still in high school. Fast forward to today, and Rae Radick is a hit making machine. The PA native who ha sbeen living in NYC for the last decade is focused and has been recording even more since the start of the pandemic.

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