Noah Richardson Delivers Entrancing Album, “Dead To Me”

Philly runs deep as a community, as a city, and as a landmark to our very nation. Noah Richardson is another household name to the area and his latest project is on the streets everywhere. “Dead to Me” is an album that takes you in many directions from funky basslines to jazz inspired guitar progressions and even synth tunes of the 90s. The album really encapsulated a wipe the dirt off your shoulder kind of vibe.

After battling inner feelings and overcoming adversity the music eventually became an outlet for him to recompose himself. The twenty three year old writes his music in his basement directly under a funeral home and has received plenty of notoriety from NBC’s “The Voice” and even Unclear Magazine’s “Next Artist to Watch”.

Check out more from Noah Richardson and his catalog, “Dead to Me” is available on all digital streaming services now!



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Yuni Morales

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