Lava God & Flyboi Rell From Nomads Have A Hit On Their Hands With “Bape”

Lava God & Flyboi Rell pictured above.

The Nomads are a collective of artists/entrepreneurs whose members are Lava God, Flyboi Rell, Fisher Sherrill, Slimelambo, Alex Cox, SIE beats & MB LOVE. They aim to take a big part in the new wave of rap music history. Two of their members, Lava God & Flyboi Rell ended 2020 & entered 2021 with a BANG! Their single “Bape” is just the push they needed to kick start the new year. “Bape” was produced by ShutupGavin. “Bape” is a certified hit! It has amassed over 13k+ plays on the streaming giant Spotify since it’s release. It’s a turn up track you can easily listen to while working out, running errands or driving around.

The message in the song is pretty straight forward: I need these bags and I’mma get these bags while I’m rocking my BAPE! Nomads are currently working on their individual projects — Flyboi Rell’s project is estimated to be released by March. I thoroughly enjoy listening to “Bape” and have added it to one of my many playlists! I encourage you all to do so as well! Stay tuned for more to come from this promising collective!

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Yuni Morales

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