Medium Exclusive: Interview With Chicago’s Very Own, Kurt Cocaine

Kurt Cocaine (2021)

Chicago has been an unwavering hub for musical artists since the Glo Gang era; as music continues to evolve with acts like Chance The Rapper, Mick Jenkins & others gaining traction in another genre-style of music, we now encounter a new phase of artists such as Kurt Cocaine. Hailing from Chicago, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kurt Cocaine, a Chicago artist, whos is set on his creative vision. He has been traveling big time to build his brand and help get his name out. Check out what Kurt had to say:

(Kurt) My real name is Enes Karic but the world knows me by my artist name Kurt Cocaine. I was born In Germany, I’ve lived across the world but my blood is half Russian and half Bosnian. I mainly grew up in the Chicago land area but I’ve always traveled since I was a child. I’m a musician, creative genius, and business owner.

(Kurt) I recently launched a private members club named Code Blue which is solely based on intelligence, genuine loyalty, responsibility, and dedication. The future of Code Blue is similar to how Tupac had Thug Life or how Xxxtentacion had Bad Vibes. The vision and purpose of Code Blue will slowly unfold itself as a movement, clothing line, label, and more.

(Kurt) Me and Ksav have been close friends for a long time so this won’t be the last time you’ll hear us on a song together. We’ve had that song in the vault for over a year and we simply decided to release it to the public.

(Kurt) 2021 I’m releasing my project Xanax Diaries along with visuals, podcasts, and future interviews. As I’m releasing Xanax Diaries I’m already working on my next album. That project is going to represent the re-birth of “Kurt Cocaine”. I wanted to drop Xanax Diaries first so the people can see my growth as an artist and as an individual. Other then music I have business projects planned with Code Blue, a poetry book, and more.

(Kurt) One thing I will always have a deep passion about is the growth of the youth. The children are our future. We live in an internet era where media outlets are able to manipulate what is fed to our children with negativity through social media, music, false prophets, etc. I will always push for the youth to be led in a positive direction.

(Kurt) The reason why I’m very open to social media is because most of your favorite social media influencers and entertainers personify an unrealistic lifestyle. It’s to show the people both sides. When your able to open up and your audience can relate to you then it brings you closer to your fanbase. Then they stop becoming fans but it’s built on more of a family standpoint. It’s to show them that there is a way out of any trials and tribulations anyone goes through. I don’t get embarrassed about my past and I’m not afraid to speak about the mistakes I’ve made in life. It’s better to learn through me then to go through it by yourself so I give them the raw uncut version of me every time.

(Kurt) My current influences in music are Tupac, Kurt Cobain, Polo G, Xxxtentacion and Julien Baker.

(Kurt) Xanax Diaries is releasing in May along with a music video to “Urges”. Follow me on social media via Instagram and all major platforms on @hisnameiskurt

Kurt Cocaine is focused on building and going to the next level. He supports the youth and encourages people to be themselves and share what they love. This is an artist to lookout for and add to the summer playlist. Stay tuned in with Kurt as he releases new visuals and content throughout 2021.

Find Kurt Cocaine on Instagram and check out his music on Spotify



Music Journalist/Publicist based in Miami, Florida — follow me on Twitter: @yuniverse888 let’s connect!

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Yuni Morales

Music Journalist/Publicist based in Miami, Florida — follow me on Twitter: @yuniverse888 let’s connect!