F1 of FMG Releases New Visual For His Latest Single, “Chances”

Yuni Morales
2 min readSep 1, 2022
F1 of FMG pictured above.

Recording artist F1 of FMG is no ordinary artist, his real life experiences have molded him into the person and stand out artist he is today. Opportunity is born from crisis, back in 2007 being sentenced to eight and a half years in a penitentiary didn’t put a stop to his dreams. From drug trafficking to laying down lyrics F1 took a 180 and put his hometown Toledo, Ohio on the map. F1 was charged, convicted, and sentenced on a Class 1 felony charge of drug trafficking.

The name F1 was donned to him from close friend and prison mate Stormy Dai, after the Class 1 felony charge F1 was serving. F1’s story is truly inspiring, if you’re reading this and possibly feel defeated by time, age, and your current circumstances, I hope his story gives you faith and understanding that there is no limit to what you can accomplish if you put your all into it. Faith and passion can move mountains and F1 is a living example.

His record, “Chances” offers a guitar melody that really plucks at the heart strings with its melancholic notes. The premise of living through so many events and turns that life throws at you really is encapsulated in this track. A true memoir to the idea of surviving through what life brings.

With a few singles under his belt including the latest “Alive” F1 has bigger plans and wants to keep pushing forward, with goals set out for a music video and his next track “Kitchen” once done he’s set out to hit some cities on tour. We hope to see and hear more of F1 check out “Chances” and his latest track “Alive” both available everywhere on streaming services!

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