DC Wavvy Drops Visual For His Latest “Fake Friends”

DC Wavvy has a hit with “Fake Friends”, and he’s got a fire video to go along with it. The young MC doesn’t have time for snakes as he casually but confidently drives a Mercedes-Benz G Wagon while telling us the many reasons why he can’t have superficial people in his life.

Despite the cold message, the rapper is accompanied by multiple models throughout the video, alluding to the juxtaposition that fame can be associated with beauty and luxury, but it has its pitfalls. He is on the road to the top, but every road has its obstacles.

The clean cuts and black and white filter further enhance his sharp message: The world needs to stay out of DC Wavvy’s way, especially fake friends.



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Yuni Morales

Music Journalist/Publicist based in Miami, Florida — follow me on Twitter: @yuniverse888 let’s connect!