AYAM is focused on broadening her sonic horizons with her latest releases

Yuni Morales
2 min readJul 18, 2023

Clearwater, Florida native AYAM is full of emotion, and you can hear every last bit in her music. Whether it’s heartbreak or enamoration or anything in between, she has proven that she can cover a wide range of topics. This time around, AYAM says continues to show her skill set and let the world know that there’s a whole other part of her that they don’t know.

“I wanted to show a little versatility, and show my audience and supporters a different side of myself,” said AYAM. “This song gives off summertime fine, hot girl summer, and living your best life vibes, and that is definitely a part of me.”

This song, she says, was also created for listeners to escape the madness of reality and take it easy for a little while.

“Having fun, enjoying life, family and friends is something I find vital to success,” said AYAM. “You need to be surrounded by love and good vibes or at least have an escape where you can go find it. I hope that in those spaces, you can find yourself playing this song.”

AYAM enlisted Orlando native JayG to produce and engineer the track, while the song’s lyrical content was composed in-house by none other than AYAM’s brother Dominique Williams. And while a career as a singer seemed like a pipe dream at first, it’s not anymore. AYAM is here, and here to stay.

So, what is she doing to keep her success going? Well, she’s on what she calls an “open mic tour” where she goes to different cities across the country to attend open mic nights, which gives her a fantastic way to organically increase her following while improving her stage presence simultaneously. AYAM has also got other singles in the works for this year, but she wouldn’t divulge when exactly they are set to drop. The sky’s the limit for someone as boundlessly talented as AYAM, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.

Check out AYAM’s full discography on her website: https://www.ayammusic.com/



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