Hendy pictured above.

After taking some time to hone his skills and put out visuals, the impressive artist Hendy returns with a brand new single titled “It’s Alright”. After coming across the work of PDUB The Producer, Hendy quickly found his touch, lyrically embodying confidence and triumph. The highs and the lows are all laid out as Hendy displays his struggles yet still accounting the successes. The lyrics are well put together and maintain rhythm with the music. Instantly, giving positive uplifting energy with trumpets singing and Hendy flowing impeccably at the same time.

There’s much to enjoy about this new single whether…

West Coast Based Songstress, Stasi has released an enigmatic new single called “Fool Me Twice”. This is the new comer’s third single, although you wouldn’t dare to think so! Her vocals beautifully accompany the strumming guitar as she spills her heart out on the track. The song speaks about heartache and second chances. Stasi portrays a colorful palette of emotions allowing her openness to take the song to another level.

Stasi was instantly inspired to write to the beat as soon as it played — the beautifully composed beat was produced by Pieper beats. “I heard the track and loved…

Ariel pictured above.

Recording artist Ariel releases a new magnetic single called “Youth & Dreams”. Listening to this song is like hopping in a time machine and going back to those times before there was a care in the world. Ariel does an amazing job of capturing that timeless feeling. The lyrics are easy to follow along with throughout the song and really pulls the listener in, describing events in the distant past. A pleasant blend leading to a masterful outcome. The production is well done, allowing Ariel to add vocal support without overbearing the sound of his main voice.

Musically, the instrumental…

J.Cymone pictured above.

J.Cymone is a singer-songwriter from sunny San Francisco, California. She’s excited and has announced the release of her latest single called “Wait”. J.Cymone is soulfully present and passionately deliberate, creating an intimate feel in her music. J.Cymone is genuine and transparent as she describes moments where there was emotional turbulence, yet the persistence to still find the balance.

Her simple yet powerful songwriting has the potential to hit home, and be close to a lot of people. “Wait” has a west coast vibe instrumental and has an upbeat tempo, making it easy to jam along to, or even dance! The…

Dubz Dropz is a Florida based artist who has released a new single titled “Who Thought”. The ringing melodies ease into the track as Dubz leads with the hook. The 808s hit hard and the suspenseful piano in the background really grabs the attention of the listener which adds extra energy behind the already hyped Dubz. Ajaybeats is the mastermind behind the beat who produced “Who Thought.”

He switches up the flow and cadence at the perfect times and adds passionate adlibs to follow up his sharp words. The message of the song is uplifting and encouraging, he offers a…

Maxton Hunter pictured above.

Los Angeles producer and songwriter Maxton Hunter releases a brand new single titled “Honestly”. The song was actually written last year during the quarantine while being in Los Angeles, and was engineered by Noah Bruskin out of Parsonics Studios. It’s such a great listen, the smooth-melody guitar strums and subtle drums make space for the soft vocals delivered by James October and AriBella.

“Honestly” draws in the listener and instantly encourages movement. The snaps in the beginning and ending of the track give it an interactive element, you may feel called to snap with the song and even more called…

Andrew G pictured above.

Andrew G has released a new music video for his latest “Don’t You See”. You can see Andrew living his best life on the beach, with the girls, cars, and more. The music has a very Miami sound, cruising in the convertible theme, bringing out instrumental a little more. The video looks like it’s a fun time and gives summertime vibes and great aerial views of the surrounding city. Tune into Andrew G and watch his previous content.

Andrew G is a recording artist and songwriter originally from Cleveland, now he is located in Los Angeles, CA. Producer Def Starz

Monde pictured above.

Recording artist, Monde delivers once again with his latest single “LA”. The wispy, crisp vocals come in over the struck guitar strings, giving the track its summertime vibes, The high-key adlibs and up-tempo music gives instant party vibes. Monde’s singing rings with melodies and makes smiles.

He comes in smoothly in the second verse, switching up to a more hip-hop/rap flow and cadence. Overall this is a great listen, honestly, I’d love to see a music video to this one! I could see a nice party and a few young folks cruising to this.

Monde talks about his inspiration for…

Trip pictured above.

Recording Artist, Trip releases a new music video for his latest titled “Untitled”. From the introduction, this artist sends a powerful message about himself and his approach, stating the definition of the word trip: an act of going to a place and returning; a journey or excursion, especially for pleasure. The music video itself provides glitchy editing, eccentric transitions, and great performance angles to highlight his energy. This short watch will have you rewinding and playing back the video for the visuals and the music.

Trip explains his journey through life from being an All-Star in basketball to his now…

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